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PragmaCharge to launch one of the largest heavy-duty electric truck charging hubs in Spain

  • 15,000m2 site secured next to the Port of Valencia, with safe and secure parking for 60+ heavy-duty electric trucks

  • 40 Combined Charging System (CCS) fast chargers delivering up to 400 kW of power, and capable of charging trucks in 45 minutes to coincide with legally required rest for drivers

  • Preferred overnight parking and charging services for PragmaCharge Electric Trucking-as-a-Service customers

  • Charging-as-a-Service available for all truck fleet owners, through subscription via PragmaCharge’s Cloud Platform

  • PragmaCharge will help to accelerate NetZero plans for MercaValencia, a major logistics centre with annual sales of €1.15bn 

Valencia, Spain, 13th May 2024 – PragmaCharge, the pan-European electric Trucking-as-a-Service platform, announces its first Spanish heavy-duty electric truck charging hub, located just 3.5 km outside of the Port of Valencia, Spain. The new charging hub is strategically located in MercaValencia, home to over 40 logistics companies and 500+ daily truck movements.  

Commercial fleet owners are increasingly under pressure from their customers to find a quicker path to net-zero transportation emissions. However, for fleet owners, decarbonising their operations is perceived to be complex and costly. Furthermore, range anxiety, given lack of public charging infrastructure suitable for medium and heavy-duty trucks - and the assumed loss of productivity through charging during core driver operating hours - all add to the barriers to electrification.

PragmaCharge’s electric Trucking-as-a-Service (eTaaS) platform addresses the primary barriers related to cost and charging infrastructure through its turnkey service. Fleet owners in Valencia will now be able to start their transition to electric mobility, by paying for trucks on a per km basis and accessing dedicated heavy-duty electric truck charging infrastructure, all through a pay-as-you-go eTaaS service. Furthermore, PragmaCharge’s App will support drivers and transport managers to reserve bays and plan charging sessions, minimising operational downtime and optimising charging costs.

Strategic partnership with Mercavalencia:

MercaValencia is a Spanish State-owned company part of the “Mercasa” network of wholesalers. It is the largest logistic hub for food and agricultural products, mainly fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and flowers, of the Valencia region. The site has 500,000m2 of warehouses and other services, housing over 200 agro companies, 5,000 workers and annual sales of €1.15 billion. Supplying over 1.2 million customers every year, the volume of heavy-duty trucks running in and out of MercaValencia is over 500 per day. MercaValencia and PragmaCharge’s strategic partnership has a clear goal: to decarbonise heavy-duty road transportation of agro products.

Strategic location just outside the Port of Valencia

The Port of Valencia handles more than 40% of shipping container traffic in Spain, making it one of  the most important logistics hubs for land transport. Charging services from PragmaCharge’s charging hub, located just 3.5 kms from the Port, will be a crucial enabler for electrification of heavy-duty  trucks operating in this area.

With a large concentration of heavy-duty trucks at ports, CO2 and GHG emissions are significant in the neighbouring area, impacting the health of the local population. PragmaCharge’s charging hub at MercaValencia will help to reduce these harmful emissions and support the Port of Valencia to reduce its Scope 3 emissions.

Anil Srivastava, CEO of PragmaCharge, said: “Our turn-key solution accelerates full electrification of road freight by providing electric trucks at TCO parity to new diesel trucks, as well as building charging infrastructure at customers’ depots and in the vicinity of key logistics centres, such as sea ports and rail freight terminals. We are truly excited about the opportunity to build our charging hub in Valencia and serve the needs of local fleet owners.

A successful charging hub at MercaValencia shall help us accelerate our ongoing work to establish operations at others ports in Spain and across Europe”

Pietrojan Gilardini, Board Member, CFO PragmaCharge, said:By committing to MercaValencia we are implementing our strategic plan to invest up to €40m in Spain in locations where there is  established and increasing customer demand.” 

Javier Serratosa, Managing Director of PragmaCharge, said: “We chose Valencia given that it is a logistics hub with the majority of regional routes being 300-400km, ideal for the current range of electric trucks.  Customer demand has come quicker than we expected as battery electric truck prices have decreased. Charging infrastructure was the main bottleneck for our clients and PragmaCharge has now solved it.  We are expanding our Spanish presence in areas such as Barcelona, Zaragoza and Madrid, following the requests of our clients. We plan on being operational in MercaValencia by 2025”.

Jose Yubero, CEO of MercaValencia, said: "We are very pleased that PragmaCharge has chosen MercaValencia as the first location in Europe to develop the international project for strategic electric charging centres for heavy goods vehicles and long distances. It is a smart bet by the investors and one that will provide many advantages to our customers, to those of the port, to those of the Fuente de San Luis rail terminal, and to the large logistics operators. MercaValencia continues in this way, adding projects that improve the quality of our services and are an endorsement of our continued commitment to the environment and the sustainability objectives of the 2030 agenda".

About PragmaCharge

PragmaCharge is on a mission is to decarbonise heavy-duty road freight in Europe by providing fleet owners of all sizes with a highly reliable, simple to use and digitally connected eco-system of battery electric trucks and charging infrastructure. Starting in 3 countries (UK, Spain, Finland) we aim to make a tangible impact on the European transportation GHG emissions that derive from heavy-duty road freight. PragmaCharge is an early mover in working with key stakeholder groups - including,  logistics asset operators, freight and trucking companies, high-power charging technology providers, electricity market participants, vehicle OEMs, seaport and rail freight terminal operators - to develop cloud software-enabled solutions for charging and electric truck fleet management services. PragmaCharge provides its partners and customers with solutions for project development, the financing to build-own-operate charging sites as well as ongoing operations and maintenance services.

Media Contacts:


Nikhil Amin

Phone: +44 7824 555 363


Javier Serratosa

Phone: +34 609 62 62 63

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