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Battery electric trucks, charging infrastructure and digital platform to electrify heavy duty transport...

PragmaCharge was formed by a group of energy transition entrepreneurs and investors who believe that the future decarbonization of the heavy duty transport sector will largely happen through electrification. 

Our impact-led mission is to decarbonize heavy goods vehicle transportation by providing fleet owners of all sizes with a highly reliable, simple to use and digitally connected eco-system of battery electric trucks and charging infrastructure. Through our services, starting in the UK, we aim to make a tangible impact on the 19% of UK transportation GHG emissions that derive from HGV road freight.

PragmaCharge is an early mover in working with key stakeholder groups - including, amongst others, logistics hub and logistics asset operators, freight and trucking companies, technology providers, electricity market participants, vehicle OEMs and regulators - to develop solutions and infrastructure assets, including charging and logistics facilities, required to develop and sustain electrified heavy duty transport networks. 


PragmaCharge provides its partners with expertise and solutions for project development and execution, in addition to financing for project development and construction as well as ongoing operations services.     

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