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Battery electric truck leasing, dedicated charging infrastructure at PragmaCharge-Hubs and digitally connected fleet management software...


Battery Electric Truck Leasing

  • Transition to battery electric trucks in a sustainable way while lowering Total Cost of Ownership

  • Select vehicles from a range of original equipment manufacturers. Use PragmaCharge’s built-in run-time analytics to optimise vehicle selection based on use cases

  • No upfront capital cost to switch to electric. Pay-as-you-go model based on mileage, includes charging services, breakdown, maintenance and insurance

  • OEM predictive and corrective maintenance agreement enabled by IoT connected trucks and cloud platform

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Charging Infrastructure

  • PragmaCharge provides reliable and accessible charging infrastructure at key logistics hubs, where fleets already have scheduled downtime

  • Primary charging at PragmaCharge-Hubs, and opportunistic charging throughout our partner network

  • ‘Uptime’ service level agreements with charging providers ensures consistency and availability of charge points

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Connected Fleet Management

With PragmaCharge’s cloud-based fleet management software, fleet operators have access to a comprehensive range of services:

  • Intelligent charging and digitally connected fleet management improves vehicle utilisation and optimises battery capacity based on route and task

  • Run-time and charging analytics enable operations cost optimisation and smart services delivery

  • Simple user interface with operational reports, driver and fleet owner support tools

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